Fidelity Bank Unveils Savings Promo

Fidelity Bank CEO, Mr. Nnamdi Okonkwo

In July 2016, Vigeo Eiris, one of the world’s leading Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) rating agencies, completed its biennial assessment of the African Development Bank (AfDB) and found the Bank’s overall CSR performance as advanced in absolute terms, a one notch upgrade from the previous rating of robust.

AfDB was given a score of 63 out of 100 possible points, a 10-point increase from the previous rating, and is ranked third within its peer group, which, since the last rating review, has expanded from eight to 10 multilateral development banks. The rating and accompanying scores mark a significant improvement in Vigeo Eiris’ assessment of AfDB’s CSR performance, reflecting an ever-increasing focus and attention dedicated to all environmental, social and governance (ESG) related matters at the Bank.

According to Vigeo Eiris, “AfDB displays a homogenous approach to the management of its ESG impacts, achieving an advanced performance in all three pillars (environment, social and governance). The institution’s Environmental strategy pillar addresses the material issues related to its business operations, and environmental and climate safeguards are implemented. As for the Governance pillar, ESG issues appear to be integrated in the governance strategy with material ESG issues discussed at board meetings and the related risks covered by internal controls. As regards the Social pillar, AfDB discloses extensive measures to foster consultation of Stakeholders in its projects and thematic policies. In addition, tools have been set up to monitor the achievement of its development goals in its member countries.”

AfDB saw improvements in five out of six CSR categories, including the Environment, Human Rights, Community Involvement, Business Behavior and Corporate Governance.

“More importantly, this promo underscores once again our determination to improve the standard of living of Fidelity customers. Even with the prevalent economic conditions triggered by the free fall in global oil prices, ‘Get Alert in Million’ is our little way of rewarding our customers for their unflinching loyalty and steadfast devotion to the brand,” Okonkwo added.

The bank’s Deputy Managing Director, Mr. Mohammed Balarabe said the promo is expected to run for nine months.
He said a total of N105 million cash will be given out. A total of N15 million will be given out to three grand prize winners quarterly at N5 million each; while 60 winners will emerge at monthly draws to win N1 million, N2 million and N3 million respectively and over 138 consolation prize winners will emerge at in this promo.

In all, over 200 winners will emerge inclusive of consolation prizes such as fridges, generators, etc. “It’s so easy, just open a savings account and grow it to N20, 000 or top up existing account with N10, 000 or more to qualify for monthly draws to win up to N3 million. You can also grow your account balance by N50, 000 monthly to qualify for quarterly draws to win star prize of N5 million. We encourage you to sign on to the promo and win big with Fidelity Bank,” he added.